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(2018, Dark Horse Comics)

A short story minisseries about characters who expand and communicate their dreams to others in the outside world. I've written and illustrated it, and it's one of the things I am the most proud of delivering so far in my comic book career. Can't say or show much about it because it's being printed in 2018, so stay tuned. ;)

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"Tough Match Up"

    (2017, personal work)

Personal project. I wanted to test my skills doing action scenes while homaging characters I grew up loving from the hit series game Street Fighter. Turned out a great exercise, and a couple of pages I like a lot within the latest stuff I've done.

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(2016, Balão Editorial)

2017 Troféu HQ Mix

5 nominations

"Hitomi is a small child living in a village in the suburbs of 1980's Japan. Her father is constantly traveling and absent, and her relationship with her mother is complicated. Her quiet and boring life is about to change, though, as Hitomi stumbles upon a photo camera with special properties. The artifact will lead her into a journey of self-knowledge and personal growth, as Hitomi finds new ways to explore her world, meeting new people, unveiling her own artistic expressions and learning to deal with old and new life issues, emotions and intense dillemas. This work is inspired by classic eastern narrative styles - displayed in comics, animation and film - and it tells a tight and touching, lovely illustrated story. The result is a published novel that is universally appealing and will captivate any audience who lays eyes on it."

2017 Prêmio Jabuti

nominated for

Best Graphic Novel

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(2013, independent)

2014 Troféu HQ Mix

nominated for Revelation, Artist

"Vengeance is a dish better sucked cold...or hot? To the Moschitto family - the most traditional and respected one in the mosquito italian mafia - that won't really matter. What only matters is that "family always comes first", and now that the newest member of the famiglia has been brutally murdered by a human being, the Moschitto are willing to suck their nemesis until there's no blood drop left!"

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Sabor Brasilis

(2013, Zarabatana)

"A graphical 'novela'. Or something like that.
Olívia Ribeiro's got her days numbered. She's just got pregnant and it's Luís Paulo's - her boss - child. She has her eyes on the money that Luís' spoiled wife, Mônica, is about to inheritage.

Olívia's soon-to-come murder line the main narrative of Sabor Brasilis, current prime time soup opera aired in Brazil's biggest television network. However, Callado - the showrunner - has no idea of how to solve the intricate puzzles that his protagonist's death will bring to the table, a revelation that will drop like a bomb on Helena, Lauro, Matheus, and Zulu, his writer team. The clock is ticking, and the team will have their talents put to the test as they atempt to build a striking finale in two months to save Sabor Brasilis from being a huge flop in the network's history."

2014 Troféu HQ Mix

3 nominations

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